With a sensuous fusion of sweet earthy tones and the more edgy stylings that arise from the Indie genre, the music of Noa Jordan will capture the ears of listeners and dance through their minds over and over again. Noa’s music will wisp through your soul with her catchy tunes and brazen yet silky voice, while her lyrics will find you on a deeper level that most artists dare not go. Noa believes passionately that the power of music touches and changes people to their core. 

“Music should have a purpose, and I want the music I make to generate questions and emotions in the minds of the listeners. Depth is what I seek.”

Whether at a live show, or in the confines of your home, her songs speak of life and its passions as she weaves through lyrical stories, which are backed by the raw emotion from her ever-versatile music sound.

My parents always told me to do what I love and what I do well, and that we would find a good source of income. I don’t necessarily even want to be rich, I just want to play music.” 

Noa released her first EP, Fractured Crags in May 2014. While playing more than her fair share of music these days she continues to write and is excited to announce that she is working on her first full-length album. She has appeared at various open mic nights in the Nashville area, but she desires to tour in the spring of 2015 in an effort to spread her message of soul-searching and authentic living.

“I want to write to make people think and evoke emotion rather than just hearing another song on the radio.”

    Whether famous or underground, the music of Noa Jordan will be heard for many years to come. Her desire is to work hard in order to produce a product that will blow away her fans and take them to places only found in dreams. Noa is no stranger to hard work. “I can always be better, so I’ll always be working.”

Her first EP was released at the beginning of May 2014 and she finished recording her first full-length album at the beginning of February 2015, funding it primarily through kickstarter. Most recently, she opened for Gungor in Pittsburgh, PA, opened for Jenny & Tyler in Grove City, PA and made history headlining a show in Missouri with the Contemporary Music Center as a live hologram.

Her EP is available on iTunes and Spotify, and her record is set to be released on September 15, 2015.